Friday, May 20, 2011

Nu1ce - Room 2207 EP

Nu1ce (pronounced “nuance”) is a group formed in 2010 by musician/producer IV the Polymath, emcee/producer Jondis, & emcee/producer Diles in order to create a completely spur-of-the-moment EP in under 72 hours. Here’s the story…

"Diles called & invited me to an Ohio State football game last summer. We’d been building for a few months by then & the drive was fairly short so it was a go. Originally we were just going to get together & chill, but once Jondis got wind of the trip, the dynamics changed completely - in a good way.

Next thing you know we had a plan outside of football and beer (not our idea of a dope weekend) - we were going to make music. Not your average hotel suite music either – we were bringing our gear.

Driving up from NY, Jondis came armed with his turntable, Microkorg synth, studio monitors & some percussion instruments. Coming from Indiana, I brought my almighty MPC & a handful of records. Finally, flying in from New Mexico, Diles managed to get his microphone, preamp, & macbook on the plane to complete the vocal setup.

No one really knew what to expect. I’d never met Diles before & I hadn’t seen Jondis in months. You’d think that when we arrived there would be some of that “How’s it going?” type of stuff, but instead of asking each other about our travels, we immediately went into a frenzy setting everything up. It wasn’t even a full hour before the beats were blasting & the notebooks were out.

Throughout the weekend we experienced “beats, rhymes, & life” in its finest form & even got to spend most of the second day out on N. High Street digging in the crates. It was mad fun & we hope that thru these 6 tracks & the video footage, you can get a feel for the experience & have some fun as well.

Everything was done in less than 3 days, the music is unmastered, & the project is free so if you don’t like it – no hard feelings. If you do – let us know!


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