Friday, June 3, 2011

New Blog!!!!

Peace everybody! This blog has moved to - please bookmark & follow the new link for any & all music updates!!

Thanks to everyone as always for the support. See ya @ the new spot!!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Nu1ce - Room 2207 EP

Nu1ce (pronounced “nuance”) is a group formed in 2010 by musician/producer IV the Polymath, emcee/producer Jondis, & emcee/producer Diles in order to create a completely spur-of-the-moment EP in under 72 hours. Here’s the story…

"Diles called & invited me to an Ohio State football game last summer. We’d been building for a few months by then & the drive was fairly short so it was a go. Originally we were just going to get together & chill, but once Jondis got wind of the trip, the dynamics changed completely - in a good way.

Next thing you know we had a plan outside of football and beer (not our idea of a dope weekend) - we were going to make music. Not your average hotel suite music either – we were bringing our gear.

Driving up from NY, Jondis came armed with his turntable, Microkorg synth, studio monitors & some percussion instruments. Coming from Indiana, I brought my almighty MPC & a handful of records. Finally, flying in from New Mexico, Diles managed to get his microphone, preamp, & macbook on the plane to complete the vocal setup.

No one really knew what to expect. I’d never met Diles before & I hadn’t seen Jondis in months. You’d think that when we arrived there would be some of that “How’s it going?” type of stuff, but instead of asking each other about our travels, we immediately went into a frenzy setting everything up. It wasn’t even a full hour before the beats were blasting & the notebooks were out.

Throughout the weekend we experienced “beats, rhymes, & life” in its finest form & even got to spend most of the second day out on N. High Street digging in the crates. It was mad fun & we hope that thru these 6 tracks & the video footage, you can get a feel for the experience & have some fun as well.

Everything was done in less than 3 days, the music is unmastered, & the project is free so if you don’t like it – no hard feelings. If you do – let us know!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Never Sleep II Bookmarks

Peace friends. Just a quick note to let everyone know about the Never Sleep II Bookmarks that were printed up by the good people over at Hip Hop Alumni. This is the first bookmark in their series called The HHA Bookmark Initiative which is used to promote reading among the youth as well as bring books about hip hop into libraries throughout Texas & New Mexico.

Those that know me know I'm big on using music to create social awareness & raise money for important causes & these bookmarks do just that! Supplies are extremely limited, but I do have 10 left. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, you can grab it here for 3 dollars.

Also, I still have 5 copies of Never Sleep II on cassette! You can grab the cassette, bookmark, AND digital download for only 10 bucks while supplies last here. You can also grab the cassette only for 4 bucks + shipping.

Special thanks to the homie Lee from HHA for making everything happen & also to Cory J. Peak for the epic artwork. And most importantly thanks to YOU for reading this. You're all a key part of what I do & I value your support & interest.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Push IVward Bonus Beats!

What up everyone! The Push IVward Bonus Beats have been sent to all those on the mailing list. Enjoy!

If you would like to join the mailing list please email "subscribe" to & you will be added. Your information is NEVER sold or shared & your inbox is never spammed. Updates are generally less than once a month & often include something exclusive and/or free.

In other news, "Grey Area" was played on WEFUNK radio Show 632 so big ups to DJ Static & Professor Groove!

Also, I've been "tweeting" quite a bit about new announcements, etc. so if you're not already following you can do so here.

Lastly, a handful of new projects are on deck, so stay tuned as details will be revealed in the near future.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Audible Hype Interview

Peace peace - here's a new interview I did with Audible Hype about DIY Hip Hop Production & Business...

Huge thanks to Justin Boland for making it happen!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drum Machines Have No Soul on itunes, Amazon, etc.

Peace everybody. Just a quick post to announce that Polymath Records is now officially Polymath Records LLC! Another small step in the right direction. Wanted to take this time to thank everyone for rocking with me thus far!

Also, Drum Machines Have No Soul is now available on itunes, Amazon, etc. for those who are interested. If you already have the album, please take a minute to rate the album and/or fill out a review. They go a long way on these type of sites so any and all help is much appreciated!

Stay tuned for new music & announcements in the very near future!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Interviews & Album Reviews...

Peace everybody. Here's a DOPE new review of Push IVward by DJ Jazzpants. One of the most thorough reviews I've seen in a long time so many thanks to him for taking the time ...

Also, here's a cool feature from the good folks at Chief Of Affections about my vinyl collection & digging habits. It's a weekly series called "Vinyl Sunday"& it's awesome!

More interviews coming soon! Also on deck is a really dope Never Sleep II bookmark courtesy of Hip Hop Alumni. More details & availability in the near future...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Updates...

Peace everybody! Got a few things going on at the moment...

First off, here's the first review of Push IVward over at Scratched Vinyl. What do you guys think?

Second, I've still got 10 tapes left if anyone wants to grab one before they're gone. Limited edition of 100, purple cassette with 2 bonus tracks not on the digi version! Only 4 bucks a piece & I'll ship internationally. You can grab one of the last 10 here.

Third, check the new "Stuck In The Past" podcast by the homie Schroeder featuring myself & Jondis in the mix...

Schroeder also recently released a beat tape done entirely on the SP1200 which you can grab here for only a dollar.

Last, but not least is another beat tape by the homie Jondis! This joint is a combination of synths, samples, & live percussion instruments according to the architect himself. Download it for free right here...

That's it for now, but definitely expect some new stuff soon!


Monday, January 31, 2011

Olu Bliss - En Contraste (Teaser)

En Contraste (Teaser) from The Terrill on Vimeo.

Peace everybody! Here's a new video from my homie Olu Bliss. It's a teaser for his upcoming EP called "En Contraste" which is coming soon. The beat they're singing/freestyling over is by yours truly & will be on the EP. Expect more collaborations in the future as I've got a lot of different flavors ready to be dished out!

If you want to keep up with Olu Bliss, check out his blog and/or follow him on twitter.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pharming Music Video

Peace! Here's a new video by the homie Cory P. of Sassbologna Records. I recently sent him a huge batch of beats to create visuals for as inspiration struck & this is what he came up with. It's the first of a series that will be a collaboration of his video work & my music. I could ramble on about the themes & feelings presented in this particular video, but I'm sure you guys interpret it for yourselves. Also, this song wil be on my next album likely dropping 2nd quarter of this year.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New IV the Polymath Interview @!

Shout out to the homie & seriously dope emcee Praverb for taking the time to interview me for his "Behind The Beats" series over @!

Covered in this Q & A is everything from the story behind the "Push IVward" EP to why I give 10% of album sales to charity.

Read the interview here.

The Find Magazine "Pick Of The Week"

Peace everybody - just got word that "Set Backs" ft. Junclassic was featured as the "Pick Of The Week" over at The Find Magazine! Much respect to Danny @ The Find for the look. This is an exciting opportunity for me as I'm a big fan of the magazine they put out. Check out the "Pick Of The Week" feature here & grab the new print issue here!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Subsoniq Instru-mentals Episode!

Peace everybody - here's the newest episode of Subsoniq Instru-mentals hosted by producer K Murdock of the group Panacea. This show features a playlist full of dope producers including myself and others & is sure to get your head nodding & brain stimulated. Subsoniq Instru-mentals will be dropping monthly throughout the year, so check out the Subsoniq Radio website to stay in the loop!

Also, HUGE shout out to K for playing my music! I've been a huge fan of the show long before being included, so to consistently be in the mix these days is quite an honor.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Push IVward EP out NOW!

Peace everybody!

Today is the release of the "Push IVward" EP on Polymath Records. It's a collection of selected instrumentals from 2009 along with 2 vocal tracks featuring Junclassic (UnderCurrent) & Jondis (

This one is a "name your own price" arrangement (aka free download or donation) with 10% of all money going directly to St. Jude Children's Hospital.

Thanks again to all who listen to my music. Hope you enjoy this one!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Set Backs" ft. Junclassic

"Here's the new single from producer IV the Polymath featuring Junclassic. The track is called "Set Backs" & is one of two vocal tracks on the otherwise instrumental EP "Push IVward" which will drop Friday Jan. 7th on Polymath Records."

Set Backs ft. Junclassic (UnderCurrent) by IVthePolymath

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Vintage" by (IV the Polymath & Jondis)

Peace peace - here's a freebie to get the year started, style! Full-length album coming soon!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Push IVward EP (Promo)

The Push IVward EP is a collection of selected instrumentals from 2009 w/ vocal appearances by Jondis & Junclassic. Available Jan. 7 for free DL or donation (10% of all money goes to St. Jude Children's Hospital).

**Cover Art by GroundMedia

Monday, January 3, 2011

Discount Codes (30% Off)

Peace peace - with new projects right around the corner I've decided to drop the price on older albums for anyone who may have missed them before...

Starting now, over at the Bandcamp Page, you can use the promo code "2011" when checking out to get 30% off anything with a price tag on it. This includes cassettes as well!

Everyone else is doing the 10% off thing this week, but I'm doing 30% to thank everyone who's been following & rocking with me. So thanks again!

Also, the Push IVward EP coming very soon - 5 instrumentals + tracks w/ Junclassic & Jondis! Just finishing up the artwork & mixing the vocals today - expect a promo trailer & more details sometime this week.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Beat of 2011...

Peace everybody - Happy New Year & all of that stuff. Here's an instrumental I made today on the MP...

Got a lot on deck this year including full-length albums with Jondis ( & also Junclassic (UnderCurrent). I'll be handling all of the production & scratches on these projects as well as spitting a hook or two. I've also been building with some really dope emcees & will be dropping some EPs & the like with cats that you may or may not already be familiar with.

Also in the works is a DVD type of project with Cory P. from Sassbologna Records that will be a collaboration of my music and his (dope) artwork. Last but definitely not least, I'll be dropping a number of (mostly) instrumental LPs, EPs, & a few singles. As always, I'll be dropping freebies, videos, & podcasts here & there to keep it interesting.

Thanks to everybody for the support/feedback/time & energy in 2010!