Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Peace everybody! Been a minute since the last update. I've been working on lots of new material since the release of Drum Machines Have No Soul & will provide more details on this in the near future. I've got a lot of ill stuff lined up for you guys!

Until then, check out this dope new compilation put together by my man Cory over at Sassbologna Records! It features 19 tracks by some of the label's artists, including myself. The two tracks I contributed to the project are previously unreleased so definitely drop some feedback with your thoughts!

The compilation's purpose is to a) provide quality music to the people who seek it and b) to raise funds to get the Sassbologna website back up & running. This being said, definitely check it out, tell your friends, & if you have a blog or a website, please pass this info along.
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