Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1 Million Served...

My homie Mr. Grim from Australia has a torrent account that recently reached over 1 million downloads by way of myself & a great team of hip hop artists (including Junclassic, K-Murdock, Damu the Fudgemunk & more). To celebrate he's dropped a free mix for everyone to enjoy! Download here (.rar).

01. Campfire Intro The Tale of the Princess - K.Murdock [iMANGAnation].mp3
02. Beginning - Junclassic feat. Monsta X prod. Husky [Imaginary Enemies].mp3
03. Blue Magic - Jay Z prod. RAVAGE [American Monsta].mp3
04. Diary of A Madman - Cyrano prod. JSLIKK [Cyrano's republic].mp3
05. Family Ties - Willie Green feat. Billy Woods of Super Chron Flight Brothers [...Of Heroes and Villians].mp3
06. How Many of Us - Y Society - Damu & Insight [Travel at your Own Pace].mp3

07. Epoch - Mega Ran & K.Murdock [Forever Famicom].mp3
08. Beats From the East - UnderCurrent - IV the Polymath & Junclassic [Drum Machines Have No Soul].mp3
09. Unsigned Hope - Cyrano prod. Cynergy Soundz [Ya'll Gon Soon C-Y].mp3
10. Going In - Monsta X prod. Husky [The X-Factor].mp3
11. John McCain Remix - Super Chron Flight Brothers prod. Ravage [Indonesia Bonus Disc].mp3
12. Puzzles - Y Society - Damu & Insight [Travel At Your Own Pace].mp3
13. The Ooh Ahh - Junclassic feat. Cyrano prod. J. Slikk [Late Nites and Early Mournings].mp3

14. Reggie Miller - Super Chron Flight Brothers prod. Willie Green [Cape Verde].mp3
15. Pack-Up Line - Panacea - Raw Poetic & K.Murdock [Corkscrew Gaps].mp3
16. A Song 4 U - Cyrano prod. Cynergy Soundz [Cyrano's Republic].mp3
17. On A V.I - Junclassic [2 Much Ain't Enuff].mp3
18. Never Off (On & On) - Y Society- Damu & Insight [Travel At Your Own Pace].mp3
19. The Dynamix - Dynamix - Junclassic & Monsta X [The Campaign Vol.1].mp3
20. Broccoli - The Super Chron Flight Brothers [Indonesia].mp3
21. Dream Master - Mega Ran & K.Murdock [Forever Famicom].mp3

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