Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I.deals - Couch Sessions EP

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The story behind Couch Sessions is as follows…

It was the summer of 2009 & IV had no place to stay after a robbery forced him out of his neighborhood. Enter Jondis who kindly offered up his couch for IV to crash on until he found a new spot.

Days turned into weeks which ultimately turned into approximately one month of nothing but:

1) Weed Tea

2) Vegetarian cuisine


We kindly present to you the result


01 – Birthdays

02 – i yi yi

03 – Sediment Remix

04 – Unplugged

05 – Digital Sex

06 – 1234

*Tracks 1-5 co-produced Jondis & IV the Polymath

*Track 6 produced by IV, lyrics by Jondis

Click here to Download.

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  1. Creativity through breath :)