Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New You...

Peace everybody & happy new you! Hope you guys have all laid out goals for 2010 & are already making steps toward making things happen.

I've decided to change things up a little bit for the future. I'm going to work smarter instead of harder. This new method will take many forms, including a short 1-2 month break from the Bee Hive. Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I stay up all night every night and literally never sleep in order to create music. It's been really dope living in this alternate reality, but changing things up never hurts.

As an independent musician, there are no managers, publicists, etc. in my circle. This means that in order to be successful, I have to get out of the studio and spend time networking and promoting myself. The upside to being independent is that no one can control the direction of the music.

That being said, be on the lookout for dope new projects as well the continuation of existing ones...

1) Push IVward - This instrumental album will be released in the first quarter on CD. Will consist of mostly newer (& better) material.

2) NEVER SLEEP II - Collection of instrumentals created immediately following NS1. This will drop on colored cassette only and will be limited to 100 copies. (Sassbalogna Records)

3) 2 Raw for the Average Listener Mixtape - Monthly series continues & will begin to venture into new territory not seen in the first installment.

4) Album with Junclassic - We've finally begun work on our group LP entitled "Spectrum." More updates on this as details emerge.

5) Live Performances - I will be getting out and doing shows this year after laying low in 2009. Buffalo, Rochester area and beyond. Don't hesitate to contact theonlyiv@gmail.com if you want me to rock your show/venue. Will also be setting up some events of my own in order to combine visual art with music to support nonprofit organizations.

6) Radio Play, Interviews, etc. - Keep an eye out as some radio appearances, print & video interviews are planned for 2010.

7) Other dope projects & collaborations not yet named. Gotta have some suprises ya know!?

Thanks again to everyone who supported me in 2009. Keep rockin' with me, because this is only the beginning and it's about to get a LOT better! Peace & love...


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